Mooney Services

Authorized Full Service Center

As an Authorized Mooney Service Center, our mechanics and pilots specialize in Mooney aircraft, but are equipped to assist owners of a wide range of general aviation aircraft.  Services ranging from specialized fuel tank repair and annual inspections along with flight instruction, pilot service, and Mooney parts sales, make Oasis Aero your one stop shop. 

Flight Instruction

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Oasis Aero in conjunction with Eric’s Aviation Services offers a wide range of flight instruction.  Whether you are interested in obtaining additional ratings, or are in need of transition training, flight reviews or instrument proficiency, our instructors will help you to understand your aircraft, and make you a safe pilot. 
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Mooney Parts

Wide Selection Available

As an Authorized Mooney Service Center, Oasis Aero is pleased to offer a wide selection of parts to keep your Mooney flying.  Contact us today 320-894-1872 or with questions, or to place an order.

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Fuel Tank Repair

Weep No More

Weep No More is a complete Mooney fuel tank repair center. Now into its 15th year of operation, with the fuel tank specialist and original inventor, Paul Beck, the Weep No More process continues to provide leak free fuel tanks for aircraft owners.

Deteriorating wet wing fuel tanks on an aging Mooney Aircraft fleet was severely compromising values. Through the efforts of Weep No More staff, fuel tanks are no longer attributing to loss of aircraft sales and unusual depreciation. We have since added more aircraft to the fuel tank repair process, such as Vans RV and the Vultee BT-13. We are expanding to possibly include other models in the future. Read more about the Weep No More process.